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We are a nation, building a nation. We, the Lyackson of this generation, understand the responsibility of our heritage and work in the present. We are in our canoe paddling home...


 LFN News

April 09, 2014

Election Polling Notice

LFN Election Polling Notice.pdf

April 09, 2014

Nomination Results

LFN List of Nominees.pdf

April 07, 2014

Application for Extra Curricular Activities

LFN Application for Extra Curricular Activities.docx

March 10, 2014

Lyackson Important Dates

General Election:
The general election date for Lyackson First Nation has been set for June 8, 2014.

March 10, 2014

Youth Activity Funding Available

Lyackson has reveived funding to assist our youth in pursuing extra curricular activities. There are limited funds available, applications will be funded on a first come first served basis. Applications will be limited to one per youth. See the attachment below for further information.

LFN Youth Activity Funding.jpg

March 10, 2014

Lyackson Community Update Luncheon

The Community Meeting was a great success. Thanks to all who attended.

Referendum results….Electoral Code was accepted and a 4 year term for Council was selected.

Electoral Officers full official report will be sent out as soon as we receive it.

We had lots of great prizes yesterday and lots of happy prize winners:

*******Draw Prize winners from Community Fair*******

From H'ulh-etun Health Society:

Griffin Thomas - Carving
Jessie Thomas - Cookbook
Barb Jimmy - Stuffed bird
Andrea Fritz - Puzzle
Veronica Kauwell - Stuffed bird
Herman Norris - Stuffed whale
Catherine Sager - Puzzle

For completing the Constitution project survey: Dreammasters:

Adam James - Acer Tablet
Tyler James - $100 Prepaid Visa

Gift Bags from HFLP:

Jessie Thomas.
Catherine Sager
Josie Norris.
Brena Robinson.

$20 Walmart Card from LFN (youth members 15 and under in attendance)

Adam James

$25 Walmart Card from LFN (adult members 16 and over in attendance):

Brenda Pohl
Gwen Thomas.
Tania Fritz
Eliza Robinson.
Andrea Fritz
Veronica Kauwell

Grand Prize Winner!! iPad Mini and a $75 Staples card - donated by HFLP:

Josie Norris.

Congratulations to all!!!

LFN Referendum Report 2 - March 2014.jpg

December 3, 2013

Lyackson Constitution Survey

Don't forget to fill out the community survey to make sure your voice is heard on our Lyackson Constitution Development Project.



June 3, 2013

Lyackson Office Closed on Fridays starting July 5, 2013
After assessing community usage and in an effort to gain efficiency and to minimize administrative expenses, Chief and Council have agreed to close the Lyackson administrative office on Fridays, beginning Friday, July 5, 2013. We understand that under certain circumstances some members may only be able to visit the office on Fridays, and in an effort to maintain our service to those individuals we can continue to arrange Friday appointments upon request.
Please see PDF for further information

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LFN 2012 Election Results

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